Biomass for the leisure industry

Due to it’s nature, the leisure industry has a wide range of uses for heat. From heating cinemas and entertainment venues to providing heat in leisure centres and sports facilities, the Leisure industry has a constant need for on demand, reliable heat. Due to the high energy usage associated with heating large spaces, energy costs can be high and an organisations carbon footprint can be higher still.

AvantiRenewables can provide a carbon neutral, environmentally friendly biomass boiler solution, designed to fill your energy needs. With a new biomass boiler from AvantiRenewables, disruption is kept to a minimum as you can keep your existing heating system and connect the biomass boiler.

AvantiRenewables offers two installation options. Where capital is not available, the on-site model offers an RHI-supported ‘fund and facilitate’ scheme where the 20 years’ security of an owned and operated facility can give you peace of mind.

Where capital is available, the equipment sale model allows you to buy and install the equipment from AvantiRenewables, with optional operational support services provided as required.

Benefits of renewable energy from AvantiRenewables include:

• Biomass fuel is cheaper than conventional fossil fuels. Because of the high in energy content, switching to biomass can save you up to 30%-50% on heating costs

• Prices for biomass fuel are traditionally more stable than that of conventional fossil fuels, helping you forecast and budget more accurately

• Biomass is carbon neutral. The carbon dioxide emitted when wood fuel is burned is the same amount that was absorbed over the years the plant was growing. As long as new plants continue to grow in place of those used for fuel, the process is sustainable

• Due to the efficiency of biomass boilers, they only produce 1-2% of ash. When fitted with an automated vacuum system, ash removal is usually only required once every 6 months

With our onsite option, there’s no capital outlay, and you get all the benefits of 24 hour technical support and emergency call outs. Find out how you can get all the benefits of biomass with AvantiRenewables by clicking here, or calling 0808 191 0000.


Containerized biomass systems can be installed wherever space allows, and are the size of a standard shipping container. Biomass plants typically take up about the size of a garage.

As part of our on site option, your biomass system is remotely monitored, with 24 hour technical support and emergency call outs.

Once planning permission is received (if required) the typical installation lead time is round 4 weeks.

​Yes, your existing heating system can be connected to the biomass system, minimizing disruption.


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