Biomass technology

Your guide to biomass

How does biomass work?

The main components of a biomass boiler are:
The Boiler
The Fuel store
The Plant room

The boiler and a large water “buffer” tank are usually stored together in the plant room. The plant room, for an average sized installation is approximately the same size as a garage.

The fuel store contains the biomass fuel, either wood chip or pellets, which is moved into the boiler through either a blowing system or an auger screw. The fuel is fed into the boiler as it is required, limiting the amount of interaction required with the boiler.

Biomass boiler
Biomass boiler
As the boiler burns the biomass fuel, the heat generated is passed onto the water “buffer” which heats the water used for central heating & hot water. Buffer stores can retain heat for 24 hours, ensuring a constant supply of hot water, even when the boiler isn’t operating. Due to the economy of the biomass system, the amount of ash produced is negligible, and for an average sized system will only require emptying twice a year.

Incorporating the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), AvantiRenewables offers two installation options. Where capital is not available, the on-site model offers an RHI-supported ‘fund and facilitate’ scheme where the 20 years’ security of an owned and operated facility can give you peace of mind.

Where capital is available, the equipment sale model allows you to buy and install the equipment from AvantiRenewables, with optional operational support services provided as required.

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